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L-Arginine injectable, 30mL


Strength: 200mg/mL

L-Arginine injections offer a variety of benefits like boosting wound repair and healing, improving how the body responds to glucose, supporting the immune system, and more.

 Other benefits include:

  • Improving muscle performance and recovery
  • Promoting healthier blood flow and vascular function
  • Helping to reverse high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Naturally increasing Human Growth Hormone levels (hGH)

L-Arginine injections are effective and cost-efficient because all the nutrient is delivered to the bloodstream for maximum absorption. 

L-Arginine is a compounded amino acid for injection. This amino acid helps accelerate wound healing, improves glucose tolerance, and promotes thymus activity. It is used to reverse hypertension; increase blood flow and nitric oxide (NO); and increase human growth hormone levels (used as a GH stimulation test). L-Arginine also has significant effects on muscle metabolism and recovery. It remains the largest source of nitrogen in the body for NO production. It has several important metabolic and biological effects, which include improving vascular function, being a substrate in the synthesis of creatine, and the ability to stimulate insulin; glucagon; catecholamine; and growth hormone (GH) secretion, leading to anabolic and anti-catabolic effects on skeletal muscle.

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