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1mL Luer Lock Tip Syringes (Quantity: 10)


Quantity: 10 syringes

A Luer lock syringe enables a needle to be twisted onto the tip and be locked into place, providing a secure connection. These 1mL standard Luer syringes are available through our preferred pharmacies. 

A low dead space syringe is a type of syringe designed to limit the amount of dead space that exists between the syringe hub and needle, which reduces the amount of "wasted" medication with each injection. Syringe dead space is the volume of residual fluid that remains within the syringe after the plunger is fully depressed during medication injection. The difference between "high dead space" or a standard syringe and a "low dead space" syringe is determined by the amount of fluid that remains within the needle and syringe itself. When a patient is injecting his or her prescribed medications multiple times per week, the amount of "waste" can add up significantly. More medication can be lost when a new needle is attached for injection purposes. Dead space in a standard syringe can be as high as 84 micro liters with each injection. This can also introduce the problem of inaccurate dosing, especially when prescribed smaller, more frequent injections of the prescribed medication.

1mL low dead space Luer syringe is available to be shipped by selecting Defy

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