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GI (Gastrointestinal) Effects® Microbial Ecology Profile Genova


Genova Diagnostics Test Code: 2205

The Gastrointestinal (GI) Effects® Microbial Ecology Profile is a comprehensive stool test evaluating gut microbiome balance and assessing bacteria, parasites, and yeast. Combining the best mix of molecular and culture technology, through the use of some of the most innovative technologies available, the biomarkers included in this stool test are:

  • Commensal bacteria - demonstrate the gut microbiome's composition and relative abundance.  
  • Bacterial and mycology cultures - demonstrate the presence of specific beneficial and pathological organisms
  • Bacterial and mycology sensitivities - provided for pathogenic and potentially pathogenic cultured organisms. The report includes effective prescriptive and natural agents. 
  • Parasitology - microscopic fecal specimen examination for ova and parasites (O&P), the gold standard of diagnosis for many parasites; enzyme immunoassay (EIA) widely recognized for its diagnostic utility in the detection of pathogenic antigens. 
The GI Effects Microbial Ecology Profile results provide insight into the root cause(s) of gut symptoms originating from a disturbed gut microbiome. Symptoms often improve as identified imbalances become normalized through targeted antimicrobial, dietary, lifestyle, and supplementation therapeutics. 
This test is assessed via a stool sample. A kit will be mailed to the patient with collection materials and instructions.

This test is also available as a 1-part assessment or 3-part assessment. We recommend the 3-part assessment for more comprehensive results. 

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